Company Profile

Allertec was founded in 1996, it is based in North Greece, in the city of
Thessaloniki and it is sheltered in own building offices.

The founders of Allertec Hellas very soon realized that, to gain and maintain
competitive advantage within a constant alternating business environment,
knowledge is the most important factor.

Τhe people of Allertec Hellas SA, managed to create
a suitable business environment, which systematically supports and facilitates
the growth of knowledge, thus providing value for the company.

The business development is based on long term relationships with overseas
partners. Growth eventually begun with contract agreements for the
appointment of Allertec Hellas S.A. as the exclusive distributor of special drugs
in Greece, Cyprus and several Balkan countries.

Allertec has gained the trust and reliability of doctors and is considered by its
clients a consultant in their therapeutic decision-making. It is high rated
commitment for Allertec the full comprehension of patients’ needs. The
company’s main objective is to provide doctors and patients with effective
treatment for serious and chronic diseases.