The I-neb® AAD® System

The I-neb is the third generation AAD (Adaptive Aerosol Delivery) system. It is a small, battery powered, lightweight and virtually silent drug delivery device designed to significantly reduce the inconvenience of conventional nebulizer/compressor therapy while delivering a precise, reproducible dose of drug. The aerosol is created through VMT (vibrating mesh technology), and the dosage of drug is controlled through an AAD Disc and specific metering chambers. The metering chambers can deliver a pre-set volume ranging from 0.25 to 1.4 mL with a residual of about 0.1 mL.

The vibrating mesh has a variable power range for the optimization of the aerosol output. I-neb incorporates an AAD algorithm that pulses medication delivery into 50 to 80 percent of each inspiration, based on a rolling average of the last three breaths.  Throughout the treatment, the I-neb provides continuous feedback to the patient through a liquid crystal display, and upon successful delivery of the treatment, the patient receives audible and tactile feedback. 


Intended Use

  • The I-neb AAD system is designed to aerosolize and deliver liquid medications that are specifically approved for use with the I-neb AAD System.
  • The I-neb has been developed for adults and children aged 2 and older who can coordinate breathing into a mouthpiece. The I-neb should always be used in accordance with patient instructions supplied by the pharmaceutical company.
  • I-neb should only be used on conscious and spontaneously breathing patients.
  • For more information about this device, or medication approved for delivery through the I-neb, contact your nurse/clinician/health care provider.

NOTE: I-neb is only available for certain applications in certain markets. For more information, please contact your health care provider.


What is AAD?
The I-neb AAD system is the newest aerosol drug delivery device incorporating AAD technology.
Adaptive Aerosol Delivery (AAD) is the technology that makes the I-neb AAD system unique.  AAD was designed to deliver the right amount of medication to the patient regardless of size or breathing patterns.  It monitors a patient’s breathing pattern throughout the treatment.
I-neb AAD delivers the medication only when a patient breathes in.  This timing gives the medication the best opportunity to reach deep into the lungs and greatly reduces exhaled or escaped medication, minimizing waste of drug to the environment.  By monitoring breathing patterns, the I-neb AAD system can also provide valuable patient feedback to ensure optimal patient technique and compliance to therapy.  The mouthpiece vibrates lightly when the patient inhales.  This is a sign that the medication is being delivered.  At the end of treatment, a signal sounds to let the patient know that the medication was delivered and that treatment has ended. 
The pre-set, variable power settings enable the I-neb to deliver the medication at the most appropriate rate of speed for that medication, resulting in the fastest, most effective medication delivery.




  • AAD (to ensure safe and accurate dosing)
  • VMT (vibrating mesh technology) - micropore mesh and high frequency horn to make aerosol quietly
  • Small size (about 150mm high)
  • Lightweight (about 210 gr)
  • Fully portable
  • Battery-powered with universal voltage charger
  • Long battery life (up to 40 treatments/charge)