Treatment of urinary tract diseases and inflammatory conditions of the bladder requires, among others, catheterization of patients and / or intravesical instillations. Allertec has two products for the treatment of the above, Lubragel for catheterization and vessilen for intravesical instillations.

Indications for catheterization may be:

  • Preoperatively and postoperatively in surgeries of the urinary and gynecological system.
  • For the emptying of the bladder before, during and after surgery.
  • In urinary retention (eg prostate hypertrophy).
  • In repressions or comatose states (eg multiple injuries, toxic and barbiturate poisoning, craniocerebral injuries).          
  • For medicine instillation into the bladder for therapeutic purposes (eg chemotherapy).
  • To measure the amount of urine residual volume in the bladder after urination.
  • To monitor the supply of urine accurately.
  • For receiving aseptic urine in exceptional cases (eg women, non-cooperating patients, etc.).
  • In urine loss for purposes of hygiene and bed rest prevention .
  • Self-catheterizations.

In the above cases the use of antimicrobial, anesthetic and lubricating gel (Lubragel) is considered necessary because:

  • It reduces the risk of injury.
  • It reduces the risk of urinary tract infections as a result of catheterization or cystoscopy.
  • It assists in painless catheterization.
  • It reduces the use of antibiotics.
  • It facilitates the handling of instillations.

In the case of bladder inflammation, the treatment with vessilen aims at restoring the normal function of the epithelial wall, while it reduces inflammation, pain, urgency and discomfort.

  • interstitial cystitis – bladder pain syndrom;
  • recurrent bacterial and non-bacterial cystitis;
  • post-coital cystitis;
  • cystitis due to instillation of chemotherapy drugs; 
  • radiation cystitis; 
  • allergic cystitis;
  • 50,00