BiPAP Dream star Duo ST Auto Evolve

BiPAP Dream star Duo ST Auto Evolve

The Dream Star Duo ST is a biphasic positive airway pressure device designed for use by patients with respiratory diseases or sleep apnea syndrome who are not dependent on respiratory support. With technological innovations, the device recognizes apneas, hypopneas, decreased inspiratory flow and snoring by selecting the ideal pressure level each time. The distinction between obstructive and central apneas and the detection of the level of leakage allow the correct evaluation of the treatment. Available with humidifier (optionallly).

The available BiPAP Dream Star Duo ST is a medical device and has a CE marking.


  • ADAPT function: allows the physician to determine the optimal parameters of treatment in a simpler and faster way in real time conditions.
  • I-Ramp: technology that detects if the patient sleeps before the preset ramp time and starts treatment immediately.
  • Auto Calibration: a special auto-calibration function that ensures that the pressure programmed into the device is applied with absolute precision to the patient, thus making the device compatible with any combination of mask and 22 mm or 15 mm circuit.
  • COMFORT CALIBRATION (CC +): this technology achieves less expiration resistance and greater inhalation comfort.
  • Automatically recognizes apnea, hypopnea, decreased inspiratory flow and snoring, each time selecting the ideal pressure level.
  • Humidifier temperature control technology, innovative humidifier and ambient temperature difference control system resulting in the elimination of the raindrop (Rain Out) effect in the tube-mask circuit.
  • Flow Sens algorithm (allows the device to automatically adjust the activation levels of the patient’s inhalation and exhalation phases and to respond instantly to any change).
  • Detects and counterbalances for leaks in the patient’s mask or circuit in Real Time.
  • Ability to connect an external 12V rechargeable battery for off-grid use (optional).
  • Complete data recording on the device 365 days.
  • Data recording on the export card of the last 45 days.

  • IPAP outlet pressure: 3cm to 25cm H2O (+/- 0.5cm H2O).
  • EPAP outlet pressure: 3 cm to 20 cm H2O (+/- 0.5cm H2O).
  • Duration of ramp operation: 0 – 45 min adjustable every 5 min.
  • Maximum flow for 1 cm H2O pressure drop from the patient: 180 lpm at 20 cm H2O.
  • Sound level <30 dB.
  • Automatic reminder to change filter, mask and disposables. 
  • Ability to operate with battery (external battery)
  • Backup rate: from 0 to 25 bpm
  • Dimensions: 20 cm (W) x 23 cm (L) x 12 cm (H)
  • Weight: 1.4 Kg
  • Power supply: 100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz
  • Battery power: 13 V
  • Power consumption: 50 VA max