BiPAP iBreeze Series 25S

BiPAP iBreeze Series 25S

The BiPAP iBreeze has a unique 12.7 cm touch technology supported by the navigation button. In addition, the advanced algorithm REG (Respiratory Event Guarantee) is Resvent's innovation via which the breath is constantly monitored, analyzing the physical condition of patients and ensuring that the optimal treatment pressure is provided at all times. The unique IPR (Intelligence Pressure Release) algorithm also offers patients a more comfortable experience during treatment.

The BiPAP iBreeze available is a medical device and has a CE marking.



  • Models: 25S, 25ST
  • Intended use: OSA / respiratory failure (only for 25STA, 25STA)
  • User: weighing more than 30 kg
  • Screen: 12.7cm, color, touch
  • Noise level: <28dB
  • Automatically adjust screen brightness
  • Energy saving function
  • Time and alarm
  • Multilingual text
  • Patient report on the main screen
  • SpO2, PR
  • Built-in humidifier
  • Automatic humidity
  • Warm – up
  • Heated pipe
  • Anti-leakage system in a sloping water tank
  • Water level detection
  • Smart pipe drying system
  • Device weight: 1.35 kg
  • Size: 238 x 178 x 128 mm

  • Data storage in the main unit: (1 year statistics, 1 week high resolution data).
  • High resolution SD card data storage (10 years).
  • Wireless transmission (WiFi, Bluetooth, GPRS).
  • Synchronized data sharing across multiple platforms for patients and healthcare professionals (Android, iOS, Web).

E-COMP (E-COMP can help young patients gradually adjust to the prescribed pressure starting at 50% of the prescribed pressure with an increase of 1 cmH2O per day).


  • CPAP pressure range: 4-20 cmH2
  • IPAP pressure range: 4-25 ccmH2ϖ
  • P EPAP pressure range: 4-25 cmH2
  • EVAPS: (only for 25ST, 25STA)ϖ
  • User: weighing more than 30 kg
  • Static pressure accuracy: 0.5 cmH2
  • Dynamic pressure accuracy: 1 cmH2
  • Pressure support (PS): 0-10 cmH2 (only for 25A, 25STA)
  • Respiratory rate (frequency backup): 0-50 bpm

Accessories included in the package:

  • SD memory card
  • standard nasal mask
  • tube (15 mm)

Optional accessories:

  • Full face mask
  • nasal pillow mask
  • tube (19 mm)
  • heated tube (19 mm) WiFi & Bluetooth unit
  • Bluetooth pO2 watch
  • smart cloudi Matrix system.