CPAP prisma 20A Automatic

CPAP prisma 20A Automatic

The Loewenstein CPAP prisma20A automatic has easy navigation and treatment configuration. It offers fast operation, thanks to the perfectly coordinated interaction between the touch screen and the smart graphical user interface. It has the option of pressure relief (soft pap), (FOT) for differentiation of central and obstructive apnea, identification of periodic breathing, RERA, snoring, hypopnea and restricted flow. Performs continuous mask check and has automatic mask recognition.

Automatic CPAP prisma 20A is a medical device and has CE marking.


  • Reliable technology (FOT) for distinguishing central – obstructive apneas.
  • Advanced continuous pressure regulation algorithm to meet the needs of the patient.
  • Accurate identification of periodic breathing, RERA (Respiratory Event Related Arousal), snoring, hypopnea and restricted flow.
  • Exhaust pressure reduction function (Soft PAP), for more comfort during treatment.
  • Continuous mask control and automatic mask recognition.
  • Record data to a memory card (SD).
  • High resolution treatment data for 14 days and detailed statistics for 365 days.
  • Improved compliance, thanks to comfort features such as Soft Start, Auto Start-Stop.
  • Can be used with Prisma AQUA heated humidifier.
  • Possibility of using the Prisma Hybernite heated circuit (in combination with the humidifier), to avoid liquefaction of the air in the pipe and in the mask (rainout effect).