CPAP prisma SMART Automatic

CPAP prisma SMART Automatic

The prisma SMART continues the delivery of high quality devices of Lowenstein Medical automatic CPAP and offers a new pressure adjustment option for personalized respiratory therapy, as well as the new improved soft PAP function for expiratory pressure relief, which can be activated at any time. It is completely silent even at high pressures with a noise level of only 26.5 dB(A). It also comes with a new technology of Obstructive Pressure Peak (OPP) to distinguish central from obstructive apnea. The device can be combined with the humidifier prisma AQUA.

CPAP prisma SMART is a medical device and has CE marking.



  • Classic, simple user navigation with easy-to-read screen.
  • Identification of periodic breathing, RERA, snoring, hypopnea and restricted flow.
  • Alarm in case of leakage or disconnection of the mask with an indication on the screen.
  • Pressure adjustment according to the required needs.
  • Unique pyramidal design offering maximum stability that prevents movement or the possibility of falling during sleep.
  • Comfortable, with Softstart and Autostart functions, completely user friendly.
  • Display of 14-day treatment data in high resolution and extensive 365-day data on the SD card.
  • Continuous control of the mask and automatic recognition by the device.
  • Self-adjusting
  • Pressure from 4hPa – 20hPa
  • CPAP and APAP functions
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 170 x 135 x 180 mm
  • Weight: about 1.34 kg
  • Temperature range: + 5°C to + 40°C
  • Storage temperature range: -25°C to + 70°C
  • Electric power: max. 40 VA
  • Power consumption: 230 V or 115 V
  • Average sound pressure level: approx. 26 dB (A) at 10 hPa
  • Recommended maximum allowable oxygen flow: 15lit/ min
  • Additional functions (alarm clock, filter change reminder, masks disconnection alarm, etc.)

  • the auto CPAP Lowenstein Prisma SMART
  • circuit (patient tube)
  • power supply, SD card (extensive data 365 days) and carrying case
  • θήκη μεταφοράς.
  • Θερμαινόμενος Υγραντήρας Prisma Aqua προαιρετικά