Portable Power Suction Askir 30 Proximity 40Lt / min

Portable Power Suction Askir 30 Proximity 40Lt / min

The Askir 30 suction device is an electrical device designed for suction of body fluids, as well as for nasal, oral and tracheal suction in children and adults. Ideally used in hospitals for patients with tracheostomy, for postoperative treatment at home and more generally, it is suitable for use in a wide range of emergency applications.

The Askir 30 is a medical device with CE marking.



  • Designed for non-continuous use – 120 minutes on / 60 minutes off.
  • 30 liter suction pump, 240V.
  • Comes with 1000ml container with autoclave with overflow valve system.
  • The ON / OFF switch operates with a motion sensor (proximity sensor) for activation & deactivation without touching the switch to prevent the transfer of germs.
  • Maximum Suction Pressure: -0.80 Bar
  • Flow Rate: 40 lt / min at -0.80 Bar
  • Noise level with the container: 60.5 dBA
  • Weight: 3.60 Kg
  • Dimensions: 350W x 210H x 180mm.