NEBU-dose Hypertonic Solution NaCl 3%

NEBU-dose Hypertonic Solution NaCl 3%

NEBU-dose saline solution 3%, in the form of a dose, without preservatives, for nebulization, acts through various mechanisms that facilitate the movement of respiratory secretions, improving respiration as follows:

  • By breaking down the ionic bonds in the mucus gel, thus reducing the viscosity and elasticity of the secretions.
  • Absorbing water from the mucosa and submucosa, thus reducing swelling in the walls of the airway.
  • Causing cough and sputum, which can help remove mucus from the bronchi and thus improve airway obstruction.

The NEBU-dose is a medical device and has a CE mark.
Notification to the National Organization for Medicines (EOF)  47364 / 19-03-2019.



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The NEBU-dose saline solution 3% is indicated for inhalation therapy for patients of all ages suffering from bronchiolitis, acute bronchitis, cystic fibrosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It can also be used as a means of other medicinal products for inhalation. _

It is administered to infants, children and adults.

Sterile 3% sodium chloride solution.

30 ampoules of 5ml. Each 5ml ampoule is for one treatment.