Liquid Oxygen vessel

Liquid Oxygen vessel

Liquid oxygen is a cryogenic liquid and has a boiling point of -297°F (-183°C). Because the temperature difference between the product and the surrounding environment is substantial - even in the winter - keeping liquid oxygen insulated from the surrounding heat is essential. The product also requires special equipment for handling and storage. A typical storage system consists of a cryogenic storage tank, one or more vaporizers and a pressure control system. The most common form is a cryogenic tank with a capacity of 32 lt of liquid oxygen of purity up to 99.9%. It is available in 20lt, 32lt and 41lt containers (freelox) on a wheeled base for easier movement. The cryogenic tank is constructed, in principle, like a vacuum bottle. There is an inner vessel surrounded by an outer vessel. Between the vessels is an annular space that contains an insulating medium from which all the air has been removed. This space keeps heat away from the liquid oxygen held in the inner vessel. Vaporizers convert the liquid oxygen into a gaseous state. A pressure control manifold then controls the gas pressure that is fed to the process or application. Vessels used in liquid oxygen service should be designed for the pressure and temperatures involved. Piping design should follow similar design and conform to national standards and codes.

Liquid oxygen is a medicine and is prescribed by a doctor.

Liquid oxygen is delivered to the patient's home in a cryogenic container, usually on a wheeled base. Proper training of the device is provided by the experienced technicians of our company, to ensure its proper operation

Instructions for the time and flow rate of fluid O2 in liters are given by the treating physician, with a prescription.

We offer our services 24/7 to patients with oxygen therapy.

The administration of liquid oxygen is reimbursed by the EOPYY to insurance-aware patients.

  • Higher purity compared to the oxygen condenser (99.9% vs. 94%), stable even at very high flows. It is medicinal oxygen licensed by the National Organization for Medicines.
  • Ideal for home oxygen therapy when high flows with high purity are required.
  • No electricity needed.
  • Operates quietly.
  • Optionally accompanied by a portable device weighing only 3.3 kg and capacity 1.2 lt, which fills easily and quickly from the fixed container so you can have it with you outside the house. With a flow of 2 lt / min the portable device provides autonomy of about 7 hours.