Viscoseal® 50mg/10ml syringe

Viscoseal® 50mg/10ml syringe

To relieve pain, improve mobility and promote joint recovery by flushing out irrigating solution and substituting the synovial fluid following arthroscopic procedures or joint lavage of the shoulder or knee joint. Manufacturer TRB Chemedica

Please consult your clinician.

Viscoseal® is a medical device with CE marking.
Notification to the Greek National Organization for Medicines: 108509/24-10-2018.


Viscoseal® is a 0.5% concentration, isotonic solution of Hyaluronate of fermentative origin designed as a synovial fluid substitute for use following arthroscopic surgery or joint lavage. Instilled into the joint immediately after surgery, Viscoseal® acts as a temporary substitute for the synovial fluid that has been lost during arthroscopy, performing the lubricating, shock absorbing and filtering functions of this fluid. In addition, it displaces any irrigating solution left in the joint space, preventing impairment of cartilage metabolism. The introduction of Viscoseal® into the joint space re-establishes the protective coating of Hyaluronate over the surface of the articular cartilage and synovial membrane. By replacing the superficial layer of viscous Hyaluronate on the intima of the synovium, potential innervations of pain receptors is reduced. This reduction in pain helps to enhance joint mobility, which in turn promotes the production of endogenous Hyaluronate.

1 ml isotonic solution contains 5.0 mg sodium hyaluronate from fermentation, sodium chloride, disodium phosphate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate and water for injections.

1 pre-filled syringe of των 50 mg/10 ml in a sterile pack for single use.