Innovative product for the control of cystic inflammation and the treatment of the symptoms of cystitis and painful bladder.

The Vessilen® is a medical device with a CE marking
Notification No. to the Greek Organization for Medicines: 127984/17-12-2021

For intravesical instillations


Adelmidrol 2% + Hyaluronic acid 0,1%.

  • Interstitial cystitis;
  • recurrent bacterial and non-bacterial cystitis;
  • post-coital cystitis;
  • cystitis due to instillation of chemotherapy drugs;
  • actinic cystitis;
  • allergic cystitis;
  • urological complications of neurologic spinal andsopraspinal dysfunctions (postictal and cerebral trauma states, demyelinating disorders, motor neuron disorders, parkinsonism, dementia);
  • urinary bladder injuries due to trauma/surgery insults;
  • cystoscopies;
  • long-term bladder catheterization.

  • restoration of normal mast cell function
  • restoration of endothelial integrity
  • reduction of inflammation
  • reduction of cystitis symptoms (burning, pain, frequency, feeling of pressure in the pelvic area)

Bottle 50ml